Illinois Parents say DCFS Leaves Them in the Dark

By on 2-17-2012 in CPS Incompetence, Foster Care Reform, Illinois

Illinois Parents say DCFS Leaves Them in the Dark

See Who are we adopting? [Illinois Times 2/17/12 by Patrick Yeagle]  for five family stories about lack of mental health services and withheld child history information in Illinois foster care. We covered the Hoy family story and class action lawsuit previously in this post.

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  1. dcfs kidnaps kids, dcfs went to our house and our schools and kidnapped our 3 kids, dcfs said we would find out why when we went to court, 24 hours we were in court dcfs said they got a hotline tip( illegal and unconstitutional to seize kids on a hotline tip) dcfs said it was judicious to take our kids ( that means dcfs thought our kids could be in danger) the constitution and about 20 laws say judicious reasons are never enough reason to interview a child without parents permission, let alone seize 3 kids, the judge ordered dcfs to return our kids, but it was 24 hours of torture, we found out while dcfs had our kids they took them to the hospital, we went and got the hospital records and it says on all 3 of my kids hospital reports dcfs brang 3 kids in for routine exams but dcfs DOES NOT suspect any abuse of any kind, but they took my kids and admit no abuse was ever done to my kids, dcfs tried to steal my kids, they broke state and federal laws which are clear no goverments judicious opinion ever out weights parental rights, it doesn't even warrent a interview with kids, thats what dcfs does they steal kids, dcfs needs a change of leadership, and a good lawyer because we are suing dcfs. our kids were taken wed feb1st 2012 returned feb 2nd 2012 feb 5th ed the guy in charge of dcfs taking my kids called and said now that this case is over i hear you sell bar equipment he asks me for a cooler for his house with glass doors. unbelievable. we hear this is common for dcfs to violate peoples constitutional rights, break state and federal laws, due to the clinton admin for giving dcfs money incentives for taking kids . nancy schaefer a senator from georgia went after dcfs in 2007 she wrote the corrupt business of dcfs she was gathering evidence but 2 years ago she a senator was murdered and her husband was killed the police called it murder suicide, but people talk and don't believe that was what happened, jim/josephine peters someone has to stop the dcfs big business IF YOU KNOW A GOOD LAWYER E-MAIL ME

  2. Hey I understand what you are saying. My kids daycare called dcfs on me and said I was physically abusing them and making up excuses when they got hurt. They waited a month to even contact and let me know there was an active investigation. It's sad how they believe strangers are better parents than the actual parents but fail to realize all the long term damage it does to a kid who goes through the system. I hired a lawyer and he told me not to sweat it. Due to the fact it took them so long to reach me this case will be closed out in less than 30 days