How Could You? Hall of Shame-Abdulrahman Khalil case

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How Could You? Hall of Shame-Abdulrahman Khalil case

This will be an archive of heinous actions by those involved in child welfare, foster care and adoption. We forewarn you that these are deeply disturbing stories that may involve sex abuse, murder, kidnapping and other horrendous actions.

From New Jersey, this case is unique in that the extensive evidence and reports are provided by the biological father.

Muslim Patriot reports the following: “Abdulrahman Khalil is an innocent victim of child abuse, change of identity, and forced change of religion while in TEMPORARY custody of the State of NJ. He was removed from his mother’s home when DYFS came to remove his two brothers (from her previous husband) due to custody issues. When DYFS arrived, at the same time, they removed Abdulrahman, the baby of the 2nd husband. Abdul’s father was no longer living in the home at that time and he was not given the opportunity to have custody of his son, nor was the NJ Muslim Community who offered temporary foster care until Abdul would be returned to his father.

Abdul was removed from his non-abusive home & placed with an elderly abusive foster mother who admitted she hit him, took him to church every week, told him the Muslims are “the bad people”, told him that he is a Christian and EVEN told him his name is UGLY. Abdul has been physically, psychologically & emotionally harmed in the “care” of the State of NJ. We included photos of his bruises and videos of his visits with his father.

This page was started to bring awareness to child abuse in foster care & cover up by the State of NJ. We started it to show the injuries and suffering of the child and we asked the father to join and tell his side of the story.


On November  23, 2010 Abdul’s father was verbally assaulted in a restaurant by the  first DYFS worker involved in the case shouting “Terrorist, Muslim  Terrorist, Bin Laden Lover, Where’s your knife, Are you going to slit my  throat, Do you have your bomb belt strapped on, Why don’t you call your  Allah llllaaaallllaaaallllaaa” “I am DYFS and he is a terrorist, we  have his son and we will never give him back”    His position with DYFS  gives him the authority to testify in Family Court to determine the  future of children and families.   There are criminal complaints pending  in the Paterson Court against this DYFS worker.

The volunteer on the Facebook page told me this:

I went in person to a meeting with the Head of  DYFS in Trenton who is on tape previously saying “I saw the bruises,  they are not that bad”  How are any bruises on a child from a foster  “care”giver acceptable?

The foster mother had two Failed adoptions of two  brothers TWENTY YEARS AGO!  Now, one is in the State Mental Hospital and  the other is an alcoholic.

She has an extensive history of alcoholism,  sexual abuse, mental problems and aggravated assault charges in her  family. She is on medication for 10 years because she “can’t control  herself.”

They have spoken with the head of the ACLU in New Jersey:

She looked me in the eye and said “we don’t really get involved with these things”

It is truly sad, that one must be mentally fit to legally obtain a gun, yet, the government hands out children to those who are a hazard to themselves.


As I have told the volunteer, I hate to bring politics into these kinds of things, but I blame liberalism and unions. The father believes that the state workers are Islamophobic, but I would disagree. I believe the state workers want to keep him in a broken home, causing him mental harm resulting in him returning in later years, keeping unions and state workers in business.


I wanted to find elected officials in New Jersey that I could contact and hopefully get them to help out. I came across three individuals who wrote out a bill. This bill, if passed and signed by the governor, would make it a felony if someone did not promptly report the disappearance or death of a child. I figured this would be an even greater idea if they wanted to protect the life of a child before a guardian destroys it. So, I wrote them this email:

Honorable Assembly Member:
Today, I write  to you in grief and sorrow. It has come to my attention that you are  sponsoring a bill that would make it a felony not to promptly report the  disappearance or death of a child, and for this, I am reaching out to you and your co-sponsors.
Although  I am not a resident of New Jersey, I appreciate your effort to protect  children. Another problem, is the physical and psychological abuse of  children. We need to protect these children or else they will lead a  destructive lifestyle. I can almost assure you, in time, we will find  out about the abuse Casey Anthony went through growing up.
Today,  I heard horrible news of a boy in custody of the State of New Jersey  who is a victim of child abuse from his foster mother. I understand that  these types of things happen everyday. As a libertarian leaning  Republican, I have the view that the government has and will continually  fail to do the job of a parent, and as an elected Republican, I am sure  you believe the same.


The young boy, Abdulrahman Khalil, was removed  from his non-abusive home and placed into a home with an abusive foster  mother who admitted she hit him, changed his identity, brainwashed him,  and insulted him. This is not even the least of it.  He was removed from his mother’s home when DYFS came to remove his two  half-brothers due to a custody issue. Abdul was not a child of his  half-brothers father, yet, he was still removed and his father was not  given the opportunity to have custody of his son.
Sound confusing? It is. But what else can we expect from the government?
I  live in Michigan. Not long ago, our departing Governor signed a bill  overwhelmingly passed by the House and Senate with bipartisan support  giving adoption priority to foster children’s relatives and, if a  relative isn’t available or capable, gives special consideration for a  placement into a family of the same religion and culture of the foster  child.
Today, I write to you as a human. Not as a Muslim, or a  Republican, but as a human. I ask you to consider drafting a similar law  as that in Michigan. If passed, this will heal the hearts of those  broken, and fix broken families throughout the state.
I will be  including police reports filed by the father as well as a medical  examination. I pray for the sake of innocent children throughout the  country abused at the hands of government that you try to pass  legislation.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
In liberty,

Mohammad Tiba

I would hope, that everyone who comes across this will send it to these assemblymen, and spreads the word.


The emails are:,, The subject I have used was “Protecting Children Before Tragic Death.”

Thank you all.”


A 45-page pdf including photos and reports can be seen at Help save My  Pages 10-13 show the police and hospital reports.


Lastly, a 15-minute Youtube was uploaded on March 3, 2012 and to CafeMom on April 10, 2012 that includes videos of Abdul as well as the photo stills. See

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