Michigan Congressman Calls for DOJ Investigation of CPS

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Michigan Congressman Calls for DOJ Investigation of CPS

Representative Hansen Clarke ” is asking the Attorney General of the United States to investigate the treatment of African American children and families by Michigan’s Department of Human Services, which oversees Child Protective Services.

7 Action News has been investigating DHS for years, and we were the first to expose that Wayne County’s Juvenile Court wasn’t following the law when CPS workers  would bring in petitions to take children from their parents because of alleged abuse or neglect.

“I knew the system was broken, but I didn’t know it was this broken, where anyone, literally anyone could come and take your child,” said Maryanne Godboldo, who’s 13-year-old daughter was taken temporarily by CPS last year.”


Maryanne Godboldo Case Prompts Congressman to Request Feds Investigate Child Protective Services

[Citizens Commission of Human Rights International 5/23/12]

“DHS Director Maura D. Corrigan issued this written statement:

“The department welcomes a dialogue with Rep. Clarke, as we do with all  legislators.  We can assure the representative that despite his concerns  based on a small number of local cases out of the nearly 100,000 child welfare  cases the department investigates each year statewide, that DHS focuses solely  on the welfare of the child without regard to race.”

Congressman wants U.S. Attorney General to investigate Michigan Child Protective Services

[WXYZ 5/11/12 by Heather Catallo]

The request is a result of the Godboldo case debacle. Our coverage of this case is here.

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  1. Greetings,
    I have a child abuse case that has fallen through the cracks. It’s been going on for almost 7 years now. It comcerns my granddaughter, Madison Charlene Wudyka, born 8/25/03. Since birth, Madison has lived in my home. Both parents abandoned her by the time she reached 2 1/2 years old. The father, Aaron Michael Lambert, resided with and still does, an Amy Marie Guthrie. The fathers girlfriend physically abused Madison ; black eyes, skin scraped off face, you could see the abusers finger and handprints on Madisons face. All the abuser got was a slap on the hand and a couple of parenting classes. Mecosta County CPS helped me to get gaurdianship of Madison. The courts put a one year “get it together” for either parent. The father got a job, worked it for a year and the courts took Madison away from me and placed her in her fathers home with the abuser that hurt her. After seven months of residing with the father and the abuser, the abuser once again left marks on Madison. Police were called, the father and abuser investigated, the abuser finally pled guilty to domestic violence with NO CONTACT orders. Madison was given to her mother. The mother moves in with me. The mother leaves against court orders to move to the Dearborn Hts. area with Madison. Two months go by, no one saw Madison. Thanksgiving eve 2012, the mother returns Madison to me. On Nov. 25, 2012, the mother writes me a Power of Attorney and leaves Madison with me. I inform Mecosta Conty CPS, the courts, even the father that I have Madison. I file for gaurdianship. The court date was Jan.17, 2013 at 1:30 p.m. The same judge who took Madison away from the father and abusive girlfriend gave her back to the father. With a no contact, Madison resides with the father’s sister. My court date comes, and I am told I have no standing because of some law NEVER mentioned to me this time, nor before when I got gaurdianship. Seems I must have Madison anywheres from 60 -62 days. I was 5 days short of that law. Michigan CPS told the judge it was very unsafe for Madison to live with the father and his girlfriend. Child endangerment came up as he would place Madison with the abuser once the no contact order was up in Sept. 2013. I haven’t seen my granddaughter but once and that was for exactly one hour under supervision by the fathers mother and sister. They say I am a danger to Madison. Where were they the last 7 years during all the abuse? They never called or asked to see Madison. Idid get a chance to talk with Madison a week ago. We are recorded and Madison can’t talk to me alone. During the one hour of visitation with Madison, she did get out a few things and was then hauled away and spoken to by the fathers mother. Madison came back and said she couldn’t talk anymore. Even tho’ there is a NO CONTACT on Madison, Gratiot County is allowing supervised visits with the abuser…to blend the family…AGAIN! Madison wants to come home, where she has lived 8 years 3 months. Madison can no longer believe in Santa, Christmas, Easter baskets, Girl Scouts, even her birthday. The system has raped my granddaughter of her identity. I found Madisons diary. Just a couple of lines to give you a feel for her…” I want to kill Aunt Candice”…” I am a Christian”… ” Where are you (speaking to me), I can’t find you”. When Madison was with me she rarely missed a single day of school. She was in Girl Scouts (3rd year) she had many a friend that came here or she went to their home. She had her own room, filled to the ceiling with all her precious items. She is now in a stark room, no pitures or decorations. She has no friends. She never plays outside as the aunt doesn’t do that sort of thing. She remains inside and is allowed to use a computer for one hour, under supervision. She is soon to be placed once again (3rd time) with the abuser. She is frightened. I don’t blame her. I, along with an entire family and community are frightened as well. Madison has the following on HER side…Michigan State Police Sgt. and Trooper, Alma City, Michigan police officers and Detective, Alma City, Michigan Prosecuting Atty., and the asst. prosecuting atty. , 3 counties of CPS workers, Mecosta County Sheriffs dept….yet, due to some little known law, she is placed with the fahter and abuser. I want to change the laws concerning gaurdianship. The judge could of opted to place Madison with me but he chose not to. Withn 15 minutes I was told NO STANDING and he walked off the bench. I hired an atty. for such issues. I was told Mecosta County was a non-progressive county. She said the judge could of let CPS finish and decide, but he chose to just walk away. The other 2 judges for the same issues NEVER mentioned this law, didn’t really care about this law, they cared for the child…up to a point. Where are there so called “Rights of a Child?” Where is the well-being of the child? Does anyone really care about the child and the abuse? I have a granddaughter who wants to come home and resume what’s left of her childhood. She was abused for a period of 6 years by her fathers girlfriend whom he still resides with. I am disgusted, appalled at the way things are handled for children in Michigan. As it stands, a child abuser can abuse all they want until the child reaches a legal age to when the system may take a notice. Madison is 9 years old and writing about killing her aunt. She dispises her father and mother for what they have done to her. Is there ANYTHING you can do to help my granddaughter Madison? I’m seriously thinking of going on national tv and telling this story. There is so much to tell that I have not written. I thank you for taking the time and possibly helping Madison in this wicked situation.
    Kathy Wudyka
    2004 Hoover Rd.
    Barryton, Michigan
    phone # 989-382-9161

  2. My Daughter lives in Flint Michigan and has recently had her children removed after her 6- year old Daughter was molested by room mates 14 year old son he was charged and released my daughtwer had to drop her classes at Baker Flint to focus on the fact that Michigan’s CPS now reassigned very fresh and new case worker Josh Linn took her children claiming failure to protect she was at college the child was home with an older gentlemen who failed to do his job allowing the 14 year old access to my Grand daughter her case is assigned to Judge Gadola and the worker now assigned to this case is Melissa McCall my daughter was told the case was ridiculous and would according to the DA be dismissed yesterday which may have happened had her attorney Nicholas D’Aigle showed for Court having claimed to be sick he sent in a stand in who didn’t know the case and instead of dismissal she was given a court date for another 30 days her children are suffering at the hands of Michigan CPS and I am sick to my soul she is an awesome mother she is home at night not running the roads she dont drink or do drugs of any kind and is attending Baker College for their better enough is enough they are out of line on this case.