How Could You? Hall of Shame-Rashaun Davis

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How Could You? Hall of Shame-Rashaun Davis

This will be an archive of heinous actions by those involved in child welfare, foster care and adoption. We forewarn you that these are deeply disturbing stories that may involve sex abuse, murder, kidnapping and other horrendous actions.

From Hainesport, New Jersey, part time residential counselor for Twin Oaks Community Services in Westhampton and youth pastor for Kingdom Church Rashaun Davis, 32,  was arrested on July 23, 2013 on counts of aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault and child endangerment in the May 2013 sexual assault of a female client in a group home. The girl is younger than 16 years old.

He is being held on $250,000 bail with no 10% option.

Group home counselor facing sex assault charges

[Newsday 7/24/13 by Associated Press]

“Anyone who may have been victimized by Davis should call the prosecutor’s office at (609) 265-5879 and ask to speak to a detective.”

Burlington man arrested for sexual assault at group home

[ 7/24/13 by Alyssa Mease]

“”I was shocked about it because you never think about anything happening on your own street,” neighbor Alex Marian, a retired school teacher, told Fox 29.

“It’s kind of scary. There’s a lot of young kids on this street. It’s definitely a shame. It’s a surprise. He always seemed nice,” said Jaime Lee, a high school teacher who lives on Davis’ block. ”

“Davis lives here with his wife and two children.”

“Davis is being held on $250,000 bail in the Burlington County Detention Center in Mount Holly. A spokesman for Twin Oaks Community Services says Davis is no longer employed there. Kingdom Church is expected to release a statement on Davis’ arrest sometime today.”

Local Minister And Counselor Charged With Sexual Assault On A Teenage Girl

[Fox 29 7/25/13 by Dave Schratwieser]

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  1. Was this man even convicted of anything? Or does this site just run crazy with every allegation and accusation? I dare you to investigate further and see where this case is. It’s sad that people love to quote the Constitution, but the media is quick to shred people’s rights via the court of public opinion.

  2. No this man was Not convicted.We don’t just ‘run crazy’ with every allegation.I can’t find anything else on this case. If you know of something,please share a link.