Adoptee and His Siblings Reunite After 50 Years

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Adoptee and His Siblings Reunite After 50 Years

“Half a century ago, Barry Minnich, Tanya Pitman, and Elizabeth Beach were put up for adoption by their mother.

Barry was just 1 year old, Tanya was 2 and Elizabeth was 5.

The three say their biological mother decided she couldn’t take care of them anymore.

They moved around from foster home to foster home before finally being adopted.

Barry was adopted by a family from Ohio while Tanya and Elizabeth were both adopted by a family in Virginia and were able to stay together.

At just 5 years old, this was the last time Barry would ever see or speak to his sisters for the next 50 years.

Through the adoption process, their names were changed and they were unable to keep in contact with one another because their adoption files were sealed.

In his adult life, Barry always had the urge to find his sisters but had a tough time tracking them down.

About three months ago, Barry was about to give up, but his wife told him to keep going.

Miraculously, Barry ended up tracking the two down.

Sunday, Barry, and Tanya reunited for the first time.”

50 years later, siblings put up for adoption reunite

[WECT 1/16/18 by Kristin Crawford]

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